Investing in Rapid Expansion

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Genaesis, LLC is one of the fastest-growing M&A firms in the country – surpassing $100M in total deal value in just over two years – specializing in transactions of Federal contractors with small business set-asides. In many cases, we help early-stage Government ­contractors buy larger Government contractors that typically have significant set-asides and might not be able to exit their business through traditional channels. 

Fundamentally, our job is to help bring capital partners, buyers and sellers together in a way that makes sense. With over $100B of set-aside contracts let annually by the Federal Government, and hundreds of thousands of companies and individuals well positioned to acquire and grow firms with these set-asides, we see enormous opportunity in using leverage to affect significant transactions in this market. At Genaesis, we specialize in companies wishing to invest in rapid expansion.



As a firm that works with companies looking for rapid growth, we know that no two deals are exactly alike. We offer merger and acquisition buy-side and sell-side advisory services, in addition to a portfolio of strategic services, ranging from post-merger integration planning to collateral development and branding services.

M&A Buy-Side

M&A Sell-Side

Strategic Services

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At Genaesis, we are proud to have helped so many clients achieve their growth objectives. With the average Genaesis client growing over 500% through these acquisitions, we work to ensure efficient and cost-effective transactions, tailored to each company’s specific needs.