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Strategic Services

Rapid expansion through acquisition presents a new and unique set of challenges for business owners. While Genaesis guides clients through every step of acquisition, further post-M&A support may be desired. For example, one of a business’s most valuable assets is its marketing collateral. Our in-house design team can assist you in developing and updating branding, websites and other materials necessary to maintain your newfound growth.



Graphic Design SERVICES


There’s more to buying and selling a company than pushing papers. Our award-winning in-house design team is available to enhance your marketing strategy.

These services ensure your business is accurately represented in all marketing materials both during the transition process and beyond. This includes websites, branding, annual reports, trade show displays, signage and any other print and digital marketing materials you may need.

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In many cases, managing a much larger enterprise demands additional external support. Whether it’s a minute-by-minute plan for the day of acquisition to communicate effectively with your new customers, partners and employees, or bi-weekly check-ins for variance analysis against expected projections over the first 180 days, we have specialized experts ready to support these activities. 




Genaesis provides a suite of IP strategy services and works with some of the top patent law firms in the country to dramatically reduce the upfront cost of filing patent applications. Whether it's an “Invention Inventory Process” or facilitated, targeted prioritization sessions, we take a market- and value-focused approach to innovation management.




Re-engineering the patent portfolio building process has been critical to significantly reducing costs of filing a patent application. Our engineers, working closely with registered patent professionals, leverage an artificial intelligence software platform, customized to dramatically reduce the time to draft high quality patent applications.


Intellectual Property is not developed in a vacuum. Here at Genaesis, we gather feedback from potential licensees to understand, benchmark, and prioritize IP assets, helping grow valuations strategically with minimal capital outlay. For each IP asset, we build a business case around specific technologies, and recommend appropriate monetization strategies. By doing this early on, we ensure real value is delivered on a credible time horizon.